How to make your coffee habit healthier

     I love coffee. It's delicious and gets me going. Coffee is one of life's little pleasures. I usually drink 3 or 4 cups a day. The Harvard School of Public Health says coffee may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, liver cancer, cirrhosis, gallstones and even Parkinson's. So I don't worry much about the amount of coffee I drink. 

     Several years ago after talking to my doctor and doing some reading I decided to consume my coffee in a healthier way. The results for me have been pretty good.  My weight has stabilized and it's healthy for my age.  

     Dietitian Abigail Kinnear offers these tips on how to enjoy your coffee in a much healthier way. 

1. Drink the right amount. Up to five cups a day is fine.

2. Cut back on the added sugar. This a a biggie. I don't put sugar in my coffee any more. I don't miss it. Cinnamon is a healthy way to add flavor too. 

3. Cut back on the syrups and flavored creamers. Use real milk or nut milk instead. 

4. Control your portion size.  Too many extra large cups is over doing it. I always get small cups when I'm out.  

Here's one more tip from me. In between your cups of coffee drink water. Caffeine is a pick me up but it will also dehydrate you. 

Source: My Domaine. 

Steve Andrews

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