How to make your perishable foods last longer

     When I was growing up my parents lived paycheck to paycheck. Most of the families in my neighborhood did too. Left overs were the norm on Monday Night after a big Sunday meal. Wasting food was considered a "sin." 

     Today when I talk to my kids they look at thing much differently. The moment something is not at the peak of freshness it's expendable. They laugh if I have left overs for a second day. After just spending my whole weekend at a food drive for kids in Sussex County the fact that the average American family throws away $1,600.00 dollars worth of food each year is a huge shame. 

     So here are some food storage tips for your perishables:

1. Wrap your banana stems in plastic wrap and they'll last longer. They're still great if they're a little over ripe too.

2. Bread should never be stored in the fridge. Wrap it in a towel or paper bag and store it in a cool dry place. Just don't forget you put it there.

3. Lettuce should be stored in an air tight bag with a paper towel to absorb water. I learned this years ago from a woman I used to work for in an open air produce market.

4. Tomatoes should be stored on the kitchen counter once they ripen, not the fridge.

5. Potatoes should be stored with apples to keep them from sprouting. 

6. Milk should not be stored on the fridge door. Fluctuating temperatures will make it spoil faster.

7. Keep your eggs in the back of the fridge where it's coldest. 

Source: Business Insider

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