Have scientists discovered a new human organ?

     I usually don't post about science related news but this is pretty fascinating. You would think after all this time every organ in our bodies would have been accounted for. However, according to a new study, scientists might have found a new organ hiding in plain sight. It's been named the "Interstituim."

     The Interstitium is an inter-connected system of fluid filled spaces that runs throughout our entire body. It's the highway system that moves our internal water supply. The human body is 60 percent water.  Most of our body's water in contained in cells. The Interstituim is where the remaining water in our body's is located. 

     Scientists were never able to find the Interstituim because it's located within the connective tissue underneath our skin.   More research is needed before it can officially become an organ. The Interstituim could be another way cancer cells can spread.  

Source: Live Science

Steve Andrews

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