Good things that happen when you cut back on sugar

     It's normal to slowly gain weight as you get older. Last year, after talking to my doctor, I decided to cut back on sugar. One year later I was about 8 pounds lighter. That's without any other drastic changes in my diet.  Nutritionists say these are some of the other health benefits you can expect from consuming less sugar. 

1. Your skin will be better. Sugar causes the body to release insulin which can cause inflammation. Which is not good for your skin.

2. You'll have more energy. Sugary foods cause a quick burst of energy because your blood sugar level spikes. Then there's a crash.  Less sugar will make your energy level more stable.

3. You could loose weight. This happened to me. All I did was stop putting sugar in my coffee and switch to bottled water instead of soda. I got used to both changes pretty fast. Now I don't miss the sugar in my coffee or soda. 

4. You will sleep better. Eating a lot of sugar delays the release of Melatonin which regulates sleep. 

5. Your gut will function better if you swap out high sugar treats and swap in healthy fruits. 

6. Your liver function will improve. Less sugar means less chance of fatty liver disease. 

Source: Cosmo U.K. 

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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