Steve Andrews weekend in 5 pictures

     Saturday Junior Zookeepers Day at Space Farms was awesome. After my live broadcast I went into the snake den with Parker Space as he did his annual lecture on New Jersey snakes. This is the third year in a row. Each time it's a little nerve racking but I have total confidence in Parker. 

     Parker usually gives me a couple of snakes to hold while he does his lecture.  All he tells me is to let them do what they want and don't squeeze them. The two snakes I hold are never poisonous. However, knowing where the poisonous snakes are is important. Before I even go into the snake den Parker makes sure they're a safe distance.  As you can see in the picture one of the snakes got very comfortable around my neck.  Parker said they like the warmth.

     Steve Allan stopped by Junior Zookeepers Day too. We just had to take a silly picture with the bears. Several listeners got to watch our antics. They probably now realize most of our crazy behavior isn't an act.   

     Saturday Night I took my daughter, her boyfriend and Miss Gracie to Bethel Woods to see 38 Special and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Both bands were fantastic. Don Barnes of 38 Special still sounds like he did in the early 80's.  Getting to see "Skynyrd" one of the greatest Southern Rock bands ever was awesome too. They certainly lived up to their legendary status. The concert was a sell out. As my selfie shows, the lawn was packed. 

     On planned for Sunday to be a quiet day.  That wasn't the case. My dog Maddie was sick Saturday Night into Sunday morning. She wouldn't eat or drink anything. So instead of having a relaxing day I worried all day. I did plan to replace the smoke detector in my hallway on Sunday. So on my way to Home Depot I also picked up a nice steak for me and Maddie to share. 

     The steak came out great and Maddie shared half of it with me. I was relieved she ate something. I would have given her the whole steak but I didn't want to over do it. She also shared a few chicken nuggets with James. I'm still worried about her because she only drank a tiny bit of water. I'm going to get her to the vet tomorrow if she doesn't continue to improve. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 


Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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