Expert advice on how to survive a shark attack

     As I've been doing research for Jersey Strong "Shark Week" Trivia questions my fear of getting attacked by a shark has decreased. One thing all experts agree on is that sharks attacking humans is pretty rare. One fascinating fact I learned about Great White Sharks is that one or two good sized seals is enough to keep them fed for a whole month. 

     Even with all of this reliable scientific information humans are sometimes attacked by sharks. George Burgess who is the Director of the International Shark Attack File has some suggestions if you find yourself in this situation. He's a Discovery Channel Shark Week regular. 

     Just remember 2 basic things: 

1. Punch for your life. If you have an object in your hands use that. Strike the shark's nose as much and as hard as you can. 

2. Fight Dirty. Your probably have only a few seconds before you pass out from the pain or blood loss. The two most vulnerable place to attack the shark are the eyes and gill slits. 

3. Circle the wagons. If you suddenly a shark confronting you go back to back or form a circle with whoever you are in the water with. This way you have a 180 degree view of the shark and your back is not exposed. If your alone try to get your back against anything you can.  

     Burgess has one other bit of advice. If you see a shark in the water "Get out of the Water!"

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