Steve Andrews "Laid Back" Weekend in 5 pictures

     There's no doubt Steve Allan had a more exciting weekend.  Especially since my grand daughter Miss Gracie and my daughter Kim returned to Long Island to visit friends for a few days. 

     I woke up at 6:30 Saturday morning and had to go right into my pool. This unplanned trek into the chilly waters happened because the thunderstorm that passed through late Friday night flipped over my chlorine float that was full of chlorine tablets. If left on the bottom of the pool the concentrated chlorine would damage the liner.  

     After that unexpected wake up I was feeling motivated so I changed the living room curtains. When Matt moved out of his room I found a set of nice lace curtains that were my mom's. I don't know how they wound up in Matt's night stand but I was glad to find them. I washed them and used mom's tie backs. All those years of watch and helping mom hang curtains have paid off. Thanks mom. 

     On Sunday I became the kind of dog owner I always used to laugh about. The kind of dog owner who cooks special meals for their dog. Last week when we got home from Bethel Woods Maddie was very sick. I literally lost two nights sleep worrying about her. The vet gave me some medication and suggested making her bland boiled chicken and rice to settle her stomach.  Maddie gobbled up the chicken and rice each time I made it last week. Seeing her enjoying my cooking has converted me into a pet parent who cooks for his fur baby. I made a big batch of chicken and rice on Sunday. 

     I extended my weekend into Monday to have an extra day to myself. I wandered around Home Depot, Walmart and Price Chopper in the morning. Then continued my deck staining project in the afternoon. I'm almost done staining 3 out of the 4 decks attached to my house. While I was at Price Chopper I saw a large package of center cut pork chops marked down for quick sale. After a little sweet and savory southwest rub they were ready for my real actual grill (Steve Allan). They were as yummy as they look. I have a few left for dinner tonight.   

     One more thing. I picked the first tomatoes in my garden. Hopefully, there will be many more to share with friends and enjoy!  


Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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