President Trump was in Wilkes-Barre and I was too

     Wilkes-Barre is about an hour and 15 minutes from my home in Pennsylvania. I've been to Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino many times. The arena where the President spoke last night is pretty close to the hotel. I've always wanted to go to one of these rallies. I like the President. When you have a chance to see any President it's history.  You also get to see many interesting people.

     The problem for me was logistics. I get up at 3 in the morning. Taking the day off wouldn't have been a problem but I decided to work a slightly shorter day yesterday and take a nap before heading to Wilkes-Barre. My slightly shorter day included throwing out the first pitch at the Sussex County Miner's Camp Day Game. It was high and a little outside.

     I was home by 12:15 and resting by 1. I got a good amount of sleep, showered and was heading to Wilkes-Barre by 4:20. I would not have made the trip if I wasn't able to rest. I made good time along I-84 and put one of the Scranton radio stations on for local traffic.  The report said the ramp to the arena off I-81 was already closed but I pressed on. 

     My GPS was worked hard rerouting me several times on the way to the arena. Eventually, I made it to a shopping center about a half mile from the arena and pulled in to park.  I wasn't the only person who had this idea. By this time it was just too late to get inside. The Secret Service closed the arena at 5;45.  It was packed.  There was no more room. 

     I was disappointed but not upset. The overflow crowd outside the arena really surprised me. No one was angry and everyone was having a good time. They came to show support for the President and if the arena was already packed that showed he was getting plenty of support. People were happy about that.  Everyone I talked to was genuinely nice. We all said there will be more rallies and we vowed to get to the next one a lot earlier. 

     Two things last night did make me sad. There was a little boy crying because he couldn't get in to see the President.  He was with his mom. People all around them were trying to reassure him there would be another time. His mom joined the rest of us vowing to get there earlier for the next one.  

     Of course, there were a few protesters. Three young ladies who said they were students at East Stroudsburg University and walked right up and into a group of Trump supporters with signs calling the President a "Nazi" and "Racist."  No one said anything to them.  Everyone was having a good time why let them ruin it.  

     As I left I wondered what kind of education young people are getting these days.  Did they actually know what "Nazi's" did? Have they been taught history or did the people teaching them history misinform them? It is horrible to be called a "Nazi" or "Racist." These young ladies clearly did not know protesting right next to actual "Nazi's" and "Racists" would be very dangerous.  

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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