Steve Andrews lazy weekend in 5 pictures

     There were no live broadcasts or major home projects this weekend. The only things I planned to do were relax and start to prepare for my trip to the west coast on Friday. My deck is almost finished and the lawn was mowed Friday afternoon. 

     On Saturday we took Gracie to Home Depot to pick up some chemicals for the pool. She has never been there before so it was fun watching her. It's not Walmart or the supermarket where there are temptations all over. She was very good. We were in and out pretty fast. Thank God my daughter didn't let her out of the shopping cart. 

     Saturday afternoon we took Gracie to Firefly Park in Matamoras. It's a very nice playground and water park. If you live in Matamoras the park is free.  If you don't it's $1.00 dollar to get in. The park was paid for by a very large donation several years ago. Gracie loves it there. 

     Late Saturday afternoon I did some cooking.  I made enough steak and lemon pepper chicken to last for two dinners for all of us. Now here's that tip on saving money on boneless chicken. I by the bone in chicken breast when it's on sale. This week it was only 79 cents a pound. I take it home and fillet the bone out myself. All you need is a knife and your fingers. One the bone is out you have boneless chicken fillets which usually go for $2.99 a pound.

     Sunday was very quiet. Kim, Jimmy and Gracie let to visit friends on Long Island for the week.  So I figured this would be a good time to show you how well the pumpkins are doing in their new location in my yard. The official name for the corner of the yard where the pumpkins are growing is Gracie's Pumpkin Patch. 

     My son James suggested a picture of Maddie for the 5th picture this weekend. She got a lot of extra attention from me and James because the house so quiet. The picture is Maddie watching me take a picture of her with my phone. I love when she turns her head to the side. She's saying: "What are you doing dad?" "I'm being very adorable right now so can I have more steak?"

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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