Slang words today's teens don't want us to use

     In the world of business it's important to get your message out to teens. Using their "words" is a good way to get their attention. So Business Insider did a survey to determine how kids are communicating today.

    Here are some of the words that you might think are cool but they don't.  Business Insider was nice enough to give us the up to date words we should use instead. 

1. "Swag" is out. Use the word "lit" instead. 

2. "Bae" is out as the word for your S.O.  You can use "Bruh" to describe a friend.

3. "On Fleek" is out. To describe something that's perfect use "looking snatched" instead.

4. "Sick" is out. If you want to say something is really great use "Slay" instead.

5. "Cool" is out. If you want to say something is cool use "Gucci" instead.

What ever happened to: "Hip"  "Rad"  and  "Groovy?"

Source: Business Insider


Photo by Pixabay 

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