The top 5 most useless things we learned in school

     This is pretty funny. H and R Block did a survey to try and figure out what things Americans learned about in school but never needed in real life. When asked to pick the most useless individual thing they learned in school is was the Pythagorean Theorem. Which is about right triangles in Geometry.  "The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the square of the two sides." Nope I don't think I ever needed that but I thought Geometry was easy and fun in high school so I didn't mind learning it.

     Some other things people named in the survey included: 1) The Periodic Table 2) The difference between Protons, Neurons and Electrons. 3) Naming the Presidents in order. 4)Types of Rocks 5) Making paper snowflakes. 

     Participants also were asked what they wish their school spend more time on and answers included: How to manage their finances,  household repairs, car maintenance and personal relationship skills. 

     I think we can learn something from this survey. 

Source: SWNS Digital 


Photo by Pixabay

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