My "Summer's Over" Weekend in Pictures

Labor Day Weekend is usually the time when people close their pool for the season. Having a pool is a lot of fun for my family. It's also a lot of work keeping it clean and beautiful. I do the work all summer. By the time Labor Day comes I pretty much done. After almost 20 years closing the pool is easy for me. The key is making sure the water is crystal clear and the bottom is spotless before putting on the cover. So there's the iron. I get the pool looking absolutely beautiful. Then we cover it. This weekend also marked 8 years since Maddie become a part of our family. She was a sweet little puppy with a very pink nose back then. Today she is still strong and full of energy. We love her so much. Maddie does something to make us smile everyday. This dog sprawls out in my bed and won't let me have any room! It's hilarious. On Monday I took Miss Gracie out for a little ice cream. She told me she wanted cotton candy and I ordered a small cup of vanilla for me. Then we switched because after seeing the vanilla that was what she wanted. We both finished every bit. Gracie feel asleep on the way home. We also got a real kick out of my grandson Christopher's attempts to walk. He's almost there. He'll be walking and we'll be running very soon.

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