Murphy stops Turnpike Authority's attempt to remove American Flags

Governor Murphy has put a stop to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority's removal of American Flags from Turnpike and Garden State Parkway over passes. If he didn't stop it a bi-partisan group of state legislators was ready to pass legislation that would have halted the taking down of American Flags as well. Veterans groups were also in an uproar. Flags that were removed will be returned to where they were. Turnpike Authority officials said the American Flag displays violated rules about advertising banners or flags. The authority was also concerned about "a proliferation of all kinds of flags" on parkway and turnpike overpasses. The governor said the Turnpike Authority was suspending the removal for "the time being." Veterans groups are calling on the authority to come up with guidance for displaying American Flags rather than removing them. That would have been the intelligent thing to do from the very beginning. Especially, right before the anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

Source: NJ.COM

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