Many drivers thought they saw a U.F.O. over North Jersey Monday Night

Many people driving home from work in Bergen, Essex and Passaic Counties pulled over to the side of the road Monday Night because they saw something mysterious in the sky. It looked like a flying saucer! It appeared to be hovering or moving very slowly. There was even a bright light glowing from beneath the circular vehicle. People took videos and couldn't believe what they were seeing. Were aliens finally making their presence known? Why would they pick North Jersey? Maybe they didn't appreciate how they were portrayed in the War of the Worlds movies. As it turns out, there was a simple explanation for what thousands of people were seeing in the sky. It was the Goodyear Blimp over Giants Stadium. The angle of the setting sun made the blimp look like a flying saucer off in the distance. This all happened because of Monday Night Football. U.F.O believers (like me) were disappointed this time. So for now we'll just have to keep looking up at the sky and waiting.

Source: NJ.COM

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