My top 5 binge watch shows on Netflix

I'm always asking people what Netflix show I should binge watch next. They've given me some great recommendations. So I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorites what the rest of you.

1 Outlander-the first three seasons were so good we ordered Starz to watch the next 2. The first three seasons were the best so far. I love dramas that have a historical setting. This one adds time travel and a great romance. Every woman I know loves Jamie.

2 Ozark- I've watched all three seasons. Season 4 will be the last. Jason Bateman is a great actor and director. The storyline is like The Sopranos. Only they're not Italian and live in Missouri.

3 The Ranch- This show is just plain funny. Especially if you appreciate living in a rural area. My favorite character is Beau played by Sam Elliot.

4 Outer Banks-I actually started watching by mistake but couldn't stop once I started. It's a teen mystery drama that involves a missing dad and a treasure hunt. So far Netflix has released only one season. Season two is in the works.

5 Hannibal - I just started watching after my son recommended it. It much more than Silence of the Lambs turned into a T.V. series. The series started in 2015 and ran 3 seasons. Netflix has given it new life.

Feel free to share what Netflix you like to watch in the comments section of this post on our WSUS Facebook page.

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