U.S. Economy just had a record setting rebound

I didn't see any mention of this positive development in the New Jersey Herald this morning or for that matter NJ.COM. The national news media didn't seem to want to cover it either. So driving into work this morning I decided to do something I don't usually do. Write a post about a national news story. Yesterday, the U.S. Commerce Department announced our economy grew at a rate of 7.4 percent from July through September. That's a record annual Gross Domestic Product Rate of 33.1 percent. Of course, this record was set after the economy was shut down because of Covid-19 back in March. The current G.P.D. shows our economy has rebounded about 2/3's of the way back since March. This is great news if you are still trying to go to work everyday and pay all of your taxes and bills. If you can work from home it's also good news. Chances are your paycheck is safe for now too. Those people who don't have to rely on a strong economy for their income aren't worried about any of this. As you might have already surmised. I'm not a fan of another economic shut down.

Source: New York Post

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