My "Wobbles are Gone and Kim's Birthday" New Year's Weekend in Pictures

I've been off the last four days. After such a difficult year it was much needed time off for me. Cancelling my plans to celebrate New Year's Eve in Arizona with my cousin was a difficult decision. All the inconveniences and restrictions put in place by the governors of New Jersey and Pennsylvania just were not worth it for me. Hopefully, I will celebrate the first day of 2022 in Arizona. The weekend at home was very enjoyable and relaxing. New Year's Eve I watched the Twilight Zone Marathon on Syfi Fi Channel. On Saturday and Sunday I took care of a couple of projects like taking down some Christmas decorations, cleaning out some items from my dresser drawers and bedroom closet. We took Christopher for his second haircut and I replaced my wobbly dining room chairs. I've never used Facebook Marketplace before and had a very good experience with it this weekend. I found very nice sturdy dining room chairs that were newer than the ones we had. So I drove to Barry Lakes to pick them up. Now my old dining room chairs will be the back up chairs when we have extra company. In the process I met a very nice family who sold the chairs to me. I started to learn how to use my new air fryers this weekend too. New Year's eve I made Chicken wings, pizza bites and crinkle cut fries. Everything came out great. The meat on the chicken wings fell right off the bone. Yesterday was my daughter Kim's birthday so it was nice to have the day off to enjoy some extra time with her. We had a very enjoyable family dinner at a restaurant in Middletown. I was so proud of Miss Gracie and Christopher who behaved really well. Speaking of Christopher: his latest antics include trying to figure out how to climb over his baby gate. He has figured out that if he stands on one of his toys he can almost make it over. What a character!