My "Many new words" Weekend in Pictures

I had no special plans this weekend. Shopping for a better price on my home and auto insurance and watching more of the series "Turn Washington's Spies" on Netflix was about it. You just never know when a wonderful moment is going to happen. One of those moments happened for me when I came through the door Friday afternoon. My grandson Christopher ran over to me and said "grandpa." That was the first time he ever said "grandpa" and he kept saying it when he saw me all weekend. His vocabulary is expanding by several words each day now. He very clearly says "meow" to the cat, "cookie" and "remote" when we are watching T.V. These are some of the most wonderful moments for parents and grandparents. I missed many of them with Gracie because she lived on Long Island until she was three. I feel blessed to be able to enjoy them with Christopher. Watching a child become aware of themselves and the people and world around them never gets old. First with my sons and daughter. Now with my grandson. I also took Christopher to the supermarket Sunday afternoon. We left mommy home. It was the first time he went somewhere with just me. I was prepared for him to cry and feel separation anxiety. Instead, he had a great time. I've also discovered brining a cute baby to the store is a great way for guys my age to meet ladies. Three women came over to us just to see Christopher. We know dogs work for the younger generations. I guess babies are the way to go for grandpas. Miss Gracie also had some adorable moments this weekend. She went over to Uncle Matt's house to try on the dress Aunt Jess bought her for their wedding. She looked like a little princess. In the kitchen I took out the deep fryer and made fresh fried potatoes for dinner Saturday and Sunday night. I shouldn't be eating deep fried foods, but every once in a while you have to treat yourself. Of course, the weekend wouldn't be complete without something breaking. We had to do an emergency replacement of one of the bathroom faucets on Sunday. It looks good.