My "Allergies almost won" Weekend in pictures

The only time of the year allergies really bother me is Spring. I force myself to get out and do what I have to do anyway. This weekend I felt very drained. Then I realized what was happening. A double shot of allergies. I actually felt better when I was working outside instead of inside. My daughter was feeling lethargic too. Then she mentioned the vacuum was having trouble picking up the dog hair. So we cleaned out the vacuum hose. The double shot of allergies we were both feeling was pet dander combined with the usual spring discomfort. So we called Stanley Steamer. Monday morning the upstairs carpets were thoroughly cleaned. Including my room. We both felt better right away. Then I followed that up by washing my comforter and pillow cases. I was truly worried that I was getting sick. Fortunately, there was another reason. Since I wasn't feeling that well. I don't have a lot of pictures to share. I did clean up the front yard and flower boxes. Which was a lot of work after the big snow storm in February. The front yard is now ready for spring. I wish my neighbors would do the same. Sunday we took a break from cooking and went out to dinner at a local family restaurant. It was nice to relax. I just wish I was feeling better. Taking a toddler out to eat always has some funny moments too. This time watching Christopher try to nibble on his crayons had me laughing. Of course, mommy and daddy tried to stop him but he did manage to take a small bite. The look on his face when he spit out the little piece of crayon was priceless.