My "Cousins Fun" Weekend in Pictures

My dad grew up in Brooklyn. He married my mom and moved to New Jersey. Most of his brothers and sisters bought homes on Long Island. When I was growing up I looked forward to our trips to visit my cousins. This weekend my cousin John flew in from Portland to visit his sister Bronwyn on Long Island and I got on 3 different trains to go see them. It has been almost a year since I've seen any of my cousins in person. Our original plan was to go out on Bronwyn's boyfriend's boat. The cold rainy weather put a damper on those plans. So instead, when life gave us lemons. We made boozy lemony drinks. My cousin John loves to mix drinks. He takes his bartending pretty seriously. The cocktails he made for us were fantastic. They also took me to an old school Italian Deli in the neighborhood. It was like a trip back in time to the 1970's. The deli had white marble counters, they wrapped the sandwiches in brown paper and the whole place smelled like a deli should smell. My sandwich was made on real fresh baked Italian bread too. A full sized hero was only $4.50! I also made a new friend while I was visiting. My cousin Bronwyn and her daughter Fallon adopted Calvin a couple of years ago. He's got some German Shepard in him so he's very smart. He loves taking funny pictures too. I wish I could have spent more time on Long Island. Hopefully, I'll return later this summer. Of course, it was pretty much chilly and cloudy all weekend. The pool I worked on so hard to get ready looked crystal clear but very cold. Yesterday we grilled some chicken and hot dogs. My grandson Christopher provided some comedy. He thinks Maddie's new very expensive new dog bowl is one of his riding toys!