NJ Police Officer rescues child from hot car then pays for broken window

Island Heights is a small town near Toms River with a very big heart. This past Thursday a mother called 911 after she accidently locked her child inside the hot car. The child was secured in a car seat. With the mom's car keys left inside on the seat of the car. Officer Rocco Mellot arrived on the scene and called for a tow truck to unlock one of the car doors. While waiting for the tow truck and first aid to arrive the officer Mettot noticed the child was starting to sweat. Rather than wait any loner, he asked for the mother's permission to break the car window and enter the vehicle. She gave him permission so he broke a window and removed the child safely from the car. While thanking the officer the child's mother said she would have a hard time paying to replace the window. Officer Mellot then made a few phone calls to get donations to pay for the window. The Island Heights PBA and First Aid Squad stepped up and paid the entire cost. The people in this small New Jersey Shore town have very big hearts.

Source: NorthJersey.Com

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Photo: Getty Images

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