New Jersey man who lost his dad on September 11th now serves in U.S. Navy

Eddie Pullis of Hazlet, New Jersey was only 7 years old when his father died during the September 11th attacks. Almost 20 years ago Edward Pullis was working in the World Trade Center's south tower and did not get out before the tower fell. Back in 2017 Eddie enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Each year since enlisting Eddie addresses the crew of the ship he is serving on. This year he will share his memories with his ship mates aboard the Super Carrier USS Ronald Reagan. Eddie says "He always sees signs from his dad." The first place Eddie ever served in the Navy was Pearl Harbor. He believes he was assigned there because it was a place where thousands died during a different attack. It was so he could see the memorial there everyday.

Source: Asbury Park Press

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Photo: AFP via Getty Images

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