Montague School Superintendent on leave is suing Board of Education members

Montague School Superintendent Timothy Capone was told in April of 2021 that he could not do anymore work on behalf of the board of education. He's been getting paid for over a year. Now Capone is suing the 5 board of education members who voted to put him on paid administrative leave. He has filed a lawsuit in Sussex County Superior Court alleging a vendetta against him. Board President Barbara Holstein along with board members: Paul Brislin, Dale Bouma, Denise Bogle and Danielle Christmann. Two of the board members who voted against placing him on leave were left off the lawsuit. Capone says placing him on leave was retaliation for not moving board of education elections and refusing to non renew tenured school employees. He believes both actions he was asked to take were against the law.

Source: New Jersey Herald

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Photo: Getty Images

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