There was a wise crack about New Jersey on Jeopardy this week

All game shows have their moment when the host asks the contestants a question or two about themselves. On Monday night Jeopardy host Mayim Bialik introduced Vanderbilt University student Karim Oliver. Then mentioned that he wanted to do a shout out to his parents. She said "tell us a little bit about them." Oliver then told the audience his mother was from Ethiopia. Then he said: "My dad's from Jersey. So they're both from developing nations." Which to me wasn't really that clever or funny. The moment is getting a lot of attention from the news media though. When the show ended the smart alec who made fun of New Jersey came in third place and went home with $400.00. On Jeopardy that's last place. Oliver grew up in Florida. Considering how he finished, it's good he's not from New Jersey.

Source: MSN

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Photo: ABC via Getty Images

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