Port Authority says 27 dollars is too much to pay for a beer at the airport

You would expect the price of a beer or drink at the airport to be expensive. I don't travel much but I won't pay the prices most airport businesses are charging. So is $27 too much to pay for a seasonal craft beer? That's what one restaurant was charging at LaGuardia Airport. So The Port Authority said enough is enough. After investigating the prices businesses at Newark, Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports have been charging. The Port Authority has found some prices being charged are "indefensible." Yesterday the agency announced new policies to make sure prices charged at all three airports are "aligned" with the regional market place. Airport businesses have been warned their prices will be "monitored" and pricing guidelines strictly enforced. To put the $27 price for a beer into perspective. That's double what Yankee Stadium charges. Fair enough, but no one says you have to buy a beer at the airport.

Source: NJ.COM

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Photo: Getty Images

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