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Here are a few fun fall facts for you

My favorite season has always been Spring. Fall is nice too. I love apple and pumpkin picking. The fall colors when I drive through High Point State Park. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays too. So with all of those things in mind welcome to fall! Here are some fun fall facts you might not have known courtesy of One Country.Com

Americans usually refer to the season as "fall." In Great Britain the preferred word is "Autumn."

Fall is caused by the tilt of the Earth, not our planet's distance from the sun.

Weight gain in the fall doesn't have much to do with feasting on Thanksgiving or eating too many cider donuts. The lack of sunlight means we are getting less vitamin D. That lack of Vitamin D reduces our ability to break down fat so our body starts to store it.

Pumpkin Spice has no pumpkin in it. It's the spice blend we use for pumpkin pies.

Fall colors are caused by sugar in the leaves. Red leaves have the most sugar.

More people get engaged or get into relationships in fall. Men experience a gain in testosterone and more children are conceived. I was born in June so I was one of those babies. My dad had his own way of explaining so many summer babies. He said it was because couples had to snuggle up to keep warm!

Fall is the best time to be born. New research shows people born in the fall are better students and live longer.

Fall is traveling time for many kinds of birds. Some actually from from North America to South America. Others fly from the North Pole to the South Pole. Arctic Terns fly up to 44,000 miles!

Fall colors bring in over $3 Billion tourism dollars in New England.

Source: One Country

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