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Some tips if your going to see Taylor Swift at Met Life Stadium

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour finally makes it to New Jersey this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Met Life stadium has seating for over 50,000 fans for concerts. You can bet all of those seats will be filled each night. If you are one of the "Swifties" heading to East Rutherford there are 4 things fans who have already gone to her concerts want you to know.

First, If you want merch from the tour get there early. The lines get very long and a lot of popular items do sell oum.

Second, take a picture of where you parked and park near an exit if you can. The parking lot at Met Life Stadium is huge and having a picture will help you find your car after it gets dark.

Third, if you want to bring food or a reusable water bottle into the stadium use a clear plastic bag. The largest bag they'll let you in with is 4.5 by 6.5 inches. You can also bring hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and a portable charger if needed.

Finally, you should bring ear plugs to protect your hearing. The concert is three hour long and I guess it gets pretty loud.

Source: Nj.COM

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