Quarantine activities that DON'T include Netflix!

So we’ve talked a lot about what we are binging on Netflix during our, shall we say, unexpected time at home. But what happens when we run out of shows and movies on Netflix?

Insider has a list of things you can do as a couple that DON’T include Netflix.

  • Hang pictures in the house– It’s bound to freshen up your space.
  • Create exercise routines together– Here’s a great way to stay close, and stay healthy.
  • Schedule virtual double dates with friends– It could be the next best thing to getting outside and connecting with pals.
  • Rearrange furniture– While it sounds like work, being stuck at home gives you an opportunity to test out new seating arrangements.
  • Have a "Great British Bake Off"-style baking competition– Since a lot of people are baking in quarantine anyway, make it a competition with the winner cleaning the dishes.
  • Clean out the closet– You know you’ve been wanting to do that forever, now’s your chance.
  • Crosswords or puzzles– It’s more fun doing them together than alone.
  • Spend some time apart– All that time together can get to be too much. Try scheduling some time where you and your partner each get to do your own thing.

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