What was the biggest invention the year you were born?

With the start of 2022....who's excited to see what new inventions and innovations come this year??

Popular Mechanics recently laid out the 66 best inventions of the past 66 years!

1954 - Microwave Oven

1955 - Polio Vaccine

1958 - Jet Airliner

1960 - Pacemaker

1961 - Cordless Tools

1962 - Communications Satellite (you know...like TV, internet, radio, GPS).

1965 - Kevlar

1977 - Personal Computer

1978 - GPS (Global Positioning System, but it was only used by the government and military until 2000 and President Clinton granted non-military access and we all got it on our phones and cars to get to a new grocery store).

1979 - Sony Walkman

1982 - Computer Virus

1983 - Microsoft Word

1989 - World Wide Web

1996 - DVD

See the biggest invention the year you where born by clicking HERE

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