Meet Steamed Veggies

I know, I know … “eat your vegetables.” You’ve been hearing it since the day you were born. But you know what? There’s so many benefits of vegetables – it’s true! Here’s how to make it easy to eat your vegetables … steaming them!

Wash whatever it is you’re about to eat and then place it on a sturdy cutting board. Grab a sharp knife and chop everything into uniform pieces keeping in mind …

… the smaller your veggies are, the quicker they cook. Also, the type of vegetable you want to steam matters. Some take longer than others. Bell peppers, mushrooms and zucchini don’t take very long. Potatoes, squash and carrots take a little longer.

It’s awesome you have a steamer basket. We have two at home and love them and they’re not expensive at all. Just place the basket in a saucepan and add water until it’s level is about a half an inch from the bottom of the steamer basket.

Bring water to a boil and then place your veggies into the steamer basket, cover and cook until they reach the perfect tenderness you prefer!

Did you know that when eating steamed vegetables to displace more calorie-dense, nutrient-light foods, it can save you around 300 calories per meal. That could add up to over 100,000 calories each year!

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