Some common mistakes good parents can make

I've raised 4 kids and they're all turned out to be good people. None are star athletes or brilliant scholars but I'd like to think I was a good parent because I never made my kids worry about me.  Now they are all adults but they still know how much they are loved. Somehow I think this helps them make good decisions. Beyond that I'd like to share some common mistakes child psychologists say every parent can make. 

1. Giving our kids too many choices. It can get overwhelming.

2. Praising them for everything they do. 

3. Trying to make a child happy. You can't force happiness. Sometimes we have to make ourselves happy.

4. Keeping them too busy. They can get burned out too

5. Keeping information about important topics from them. Avoiding real life subjects is not protecting them or helping them.

6. Being hyper-critical when they make mistakes. Mistakes happen, making them feel worthless does not help

7. Even if you child makes a big mistake that makes you feel embarrassed making them feel like you won't love them because of their actions is never good. There are better ways to change their behavior.

I'm not a child psychologist by any means. These are just some thing to keep in mind because raising kids is rewarding but never easy.



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