My Running Comeback Journey Continues!

Almost one year ago, I ran my first ever 5K with OSCAR One Step Closer Animal Rescue.  My buddies at OSCAR bring me my rescued Pets Of The Week every Thursday at 3:45pm.  Last year, I was in good shape and ran my 5K in 26:12!  GREAT time.  I even won a medal, coming in second place for my demographic!  Unfortunately I injured my back in July.  Over the past month, after several months of rehabilitation with deep tissue massage, chiropractor, vitamins, magnesium pills, stretching, and more --- I have started running again, slowly but surely.  My goal is to be ready for my next 5K in May.  I'm basically following the couch to 5K plan, which you can see and do yourself too!  You can see runner recovery tips by clicking here.  #RunSteveRun


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