Ten things you should do before you're 50

A new British survey asked people what they would like to have done before they turn the big 5-0. Some responses were pretty much expected while others were a little more wild. Here are the top ten responses.

1. Buy a house

2. Have kids

3. Get married

4. Fall in Love

5. Eat fish and chips

6. Donate blood

7. Read 100 books

8. See your favorite band live

9. Learn a language

10. Go to a music festival

Some of the other popular choices included owing a dog, quitting a job, skinny dipping, sleeping under the stars, traveling somewhere alone and seeing a volcano. 

39 percent of those in the survey believed life begins at 50. 

Well I'm over 50 and I've done most of the things on the top 10 and a few of the more wilder things too. However, there's a lot more to do.  I'm looking forward to it. Source: Daily Mail


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