Let's Root For This Kid To Make It In NFL

This story warms my heart.  A college linebacker named Shaquem Griffin, has grown up with only one had, and wasn't invited to the NFL Draft Combine, despite making many accomplishments.  They have now changed their mind and are inviting him!  

While I have always had such respect for those going through handicap challenges, these past 6 weeks where I've been down to one hand/arm with my fractured wrist have made me love/root for everyone now more than ever!  My injury had me down and frustrated many times, but I kept telling myself not only will it get better, but more importantly I'm so lucky this wasn't much much worse.  You can see this inspiring story and why I'll root for him even if he doesn't get picked by my Patriots, clicking here.

Photo by Pixabay (Not Shaquem fyi)


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