Special Olympics Opening Ceremony Success!

I'll never forget how scary it was 4 years ago for me.  It was such a major adjustment moving from Boston to the mountains of Sussex County, especially Vernon.  I had only been here a few weeks at that point, and had only met a couple of new friends.  On a random January weeknight, all of the sudden I heard loud noises.  Gun fire?  Hunting season should be over though, even though I now live on a mountain.  Then I kept listening and noticed a pattern --- it was fireworks.  I remember saying aloud to myself "who in the world is shooting off fireworks on a weeknight in the middle of January?  Where in the world have I moved to?!?!  The next morning, I see on New Jersey Herald's front page coverage on the touching Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, which yes, included an impressive fireworks display.  

What surprised/scared me 4 years ago, is now one of my many favorite parts about living here where we do in Jersey, especially Vernon.  We've had Kyle Dehn, 20 year old athlete skier on our morning show with Steve Andrews and met his Mom.  Leaving my friends house last night I caught some of the smoke looming over our mountain after the most recent fireworks display.  50th Anniversary of Special Olympics New Jersey, with the past 35 being celebrated at Mountain Creek in Vernon.  Cheers to over 50 more.  You can see all the info on last night's Ceremony by clicking here.

Photo by Pixabay


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