Schools Consider Banning "Best Friends?"

How bored are these "experts?"  I think that this story is ridiculous.  Some schools are considering banning the term "best friends," trying to help kids be more inclusive.  Are you kidding me?!? I am blessed to have so many best friends and have been a groomsmen several times.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I always joke about our future wedding, how the wedding will have to contain an enormous guest list, and how even our bridal party would be massive.  I'M SORRY!  I don't think most of my best friends even like me sometimes, they just keep me around for comedy purposes!

I say worry less about ranks and titles, the more best friends, the better.  You can see more about this experiment by clicking here.  To quote 'It's A Wonderful Life,'   "Dear George, remember no man is a failure who has friends.

Me with Awesome Girlfriend Megan watching skiers from my deck.


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