My Parents Are Visiting This Weekend - HELP ME!!!

YIKES!  I'm so bad at entertaining, yet still invited my parents to visit me and Awesome Girlfriend Megan this weekend.  While I miss home in Boston, I absolutely LOVE living in Vernon.  Having my deck that's just a few yards away from Granite on Mountain Creek is one of my favorite things in the world.  I LOVE SNOW GUNS!!!!!!!  I also Heart watching skiers from my deck.  Such a simple, but amazing experience.  Over the past few years, I've been able to convince my parents to visit me in the summer.  My parents and sister are my best friends, I miss them every single second of every single day.  When they helped me move here in Jersey from Boston 4 years ago, the temperature was literally ZERO.  Moving with gloves on, not fun.  We used snow banks as moving ramps basically.  I was crying the whole entire time, useless, because we knew this meant me leaving home.  My family was naturally scarred for life from helping me move in arctic, dangerous conditions.  After 4 years, I have finally been able to talk them into visiting me on President's Day Weekend!  Every year, President's Day is one of the biggest ski weeks.  I LOVE it!  Even though I don't ski (and can't anyway due to my healing fractured wrist,) you can feel the energy from all of our added visitors.  It's always fun to think there are even more people tuning into our radio station than usual.  Granted we haven't had a winter that's perfect for skiing, but I want Awesome Girlfriend Megan and my parents to get the experience of watching skiers from my deck.  Oh, and I volunteered to use my brand new outdoor electric grill that my parents gave me, and Meg assembled for me.  This will be my first time ever using the new grill ---- YIKES!!!! HELP!  I found some tips that I need to start researching and memorizing ASAP.  You can see the tips by clicking here.  

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