Deer...beautiful animals in nature's setting...

You've seen them many times, especially here in Sussex County.  Deer roaming around the woods and sometimes off to the side of the road.  Many times, I've come across those animals galavanting around like nobody's business.  Unfortunately, they get too close for comfort, especially when they're darting across a road or highway and you almost have no time to think about it.  Recently, I came across a number of them late at night as I was on my way home to Vernon and had to suddenly stop.  I honked my horn a number of times and that usually scares them off.  And yes, I had been struck by a running deer in the past, however the damage to my car was not as severe as what could have been if I wasn't alert to my surroundings.  Others aren't so lucky.

USA Today published an article a few years ago and offers tips to either avoid striking deer with your vehicle or worse case scenario, advice on what needs to be done if you are forced to strike the deer to minimize damage, based on a split second decision.  Read the link below...

What to do if you're about to hit a deer with your car

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