Do We Hate E-mails? I Say No, We Love Them!

Marketing company Fluent has released a survey stating that only 31% of millennials surveyed rank emails as least annoying for advertisements.  Isn't this just another way of saying that we don't like spam mail?  For me, emails are absolutely clutch.  Steve Andrews and I were joking about this during our 8:45am daily segment earlier today.  Andrews is old school and likes in person communication.  I overwhelmingly prefer email, as it tends to be more efficient.  With email, you can prioritize and respond to the most pressing needs first.  You can often give better, more thoughtful and thankful responses.  Often in person people get distracted and unorganized, thus throwing everything all out of whack.  Knowing how many zillions of emails we can get on a daily basis, I always keep mine as brief as possible with mission critical value.  

9 ways we're accidentally stunting our weight loss goals.  #4 on their list is liquid calories, and to that I ask, "How else do you want me to sleep?  Steve needs a nap!"  I like their tips, at least since staying hydrated isn't a challenge for me.


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