Springsteen Plays Asbury Park, We Just Miss Him

Last night Bruce Springsteen played for the grand reopening party for Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park.  It looks like Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I may have just missed him by one week, ugh!  Awesome Girlfriend Megan has loved Springsteen for decades, even saw him at Veterans Stadium in Philly during the late 80s.  Even Hugh Jackman and Portugal. The Man were at the party in Asbury Park.  Last September Meg and I went to Asbury Park for our first time.  We ended up kidnapping our bestie, Jasen and had the time of our lives.  I highly recommend this trip, we had so much fun and it was gorgeous.  The weather was perfect for us and we even enjoyed a rum bucket with our toes in the sand.  This Saturday Meg and I are returning to Asbury Park for our first time ever going away together.  Even though we have been together for two years, Meg and I have never gone away alone together.  We are psyched!  We're leaving early Saturday morning and returning Sunday morning.  With us living almost an hour away from each other, Meg taking care of her 3 Awesome Daughters, my work schedule, trips back to Boston seeing my family, it's definitely a major challenge for us to get time together in person.  We know relationships are a lot of hard work, and do our very best to enjoy every single second that we can be together.  

They have come up with a list of 19 tips for having an even better time when going down the shore.  I love their tip about packing LIGHT, and will remind Meg of that.  Meg and I get to use new beach towels that my parents gave us when they recently visited.  Woohoo!  

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