One Minute Rule Can Help You Get Stuff Done!

Happiness experts call this "the one minute rule."  By doing those quicker to finish annoying tasks first, like throwing away junk mail, putting in laundry, etc, this will basically give you more momentum before starting the larger annoying tasks.  You will feel more accomplished.  Aside from making my bed in the morning, I'm a fan of basically anything that can make me feel more accomplished!  

They're saying that we waste 26 work days every year while doing non-work activities online.  Can you believe that?  When it comes to management, my rule of thumb is if you get your job done, I don't care.  If you aren't getting your job responsibilities done and instead goof off online, then I have serious issues.  Balance is the key to life, right?  As opposed to banning social media at workplaces, I think companies should allow and encourage the spread of positive stories regarding them.  I think we could all use more positive stories in our world, right?


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