I finally tried out GOAT YOGA!  Wow.  Talk about an experience I'll never forget.  I always say I'll try almost anything once.  At one point last night I may have mumbled "skydiving was easier than this!"  You know me and wildlife don't always get along, but these goats were very friendly.  They headbutted me with their hard horns out of love I'm sure, lol.  They're cute, adorable, and apparently also big yoga fans themselves!  I hope my yoga wasn't too baaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaad.  (Sorry, I had to!)  I've been trying to get into Yoga for a few months with Awesome Girlfriend Megan, to help my bad back / neck / shoulders.  My stress all goes there and doesn't let me be as active as we wish.  

I wanted to go into this with a completely open mind and an empty canvas.  Right before my first ever goat yoga experience, I did get really nervous.  I quickly looked up some quick goat yoga tips, and that was a mistake.  The tips made me so scared that they were going to poop on me!  While they didn't poop directly on me (thank god,) I did have to pause in between yoga stretches to clear some dumplings out of my way.  Look at me being one with nature / country!  You can see the whole video here and enjoy.  Many friends have said it has made their week and they can't stop laughing.



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