Don't believe everything you read...

Sending much love and prayers to our friends affected by the tropical rains and flooding caused by Hurricane Florence.  I can't stress enough how we here in New Jersey were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy back in 2012 and seeing things like this unfolding on our television screens or online news sites is just heartbreaking to see.

One story that is floating around needlessly is the alleged shark supposedly roaming around the flooded highways of the Carolinas.  I've got two words for you...NOT TRUE!

One thing I like to do before I publish something is to check all the facts and make sure there is no dispute about potential stories to publish or post on social media. But for some strange reason, people always want to be the first or the one to have multiple hits on their feeds.

The Huffington Post website recently posted the hoax about the shark...apparently, it's been floating around the internet for years.  Read about it on the link below...

The Hurricane Shark Hoax Is Back Again For Florence — Don’t Get Hooked


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