Two Arrested After Allegedly Releasing Bear From Trap

Two are facing charges after allegedly freeing a trapped bear at Great Gorge Village (some call it The Condos, I call it Campus / Home,) in Vernon over the weekend.  The video of a cub crying for its Mother are absolutely heartbreaking (yes, even for me!)  This unfortunate situation with bear traps in Vernon started last week after someone claimed that a bear charged at and chased them.  Traps are checked daily by Division Of Fish And Wildlife agents, perhaps they could check more than just once per day?  While I'm aware that the cub likely suffered no physical harm from this trap, that video was heartbreaking to watch.  When it comes to matters of the bear hunt I always defer to the experts.  That being said, can the experts please check these traps more often?  I received feedback from many last week who were surprised when I was defending the bear they're trying to trap and euthanize, but I don't like to see anyone, human nor animal treated unfairly.  


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