Meet Bobbi!

Bobbi has been locally rescued and is currently residing with my friends at Father John's Animal House in Sparta / Lafayette right off of Route 15. You can get your adoption application by clicking right here.

Here's her profile from Father John's Animal House.

Bobbi is a large lady who likes to keep to herself. She is about 5 years old. She wasn't thriving outside in the elements so a very nice lady wanted to get her to a safer environment where she could find a nice warm home. She likes quiet people who approach her gently, and she will sniff and accept chin scratches. She takes a cat savvy person to handle her at times when she is scared. She loves to be as high up as possible and she enjoys our cat shelves and cat trees. She is on the chubbier side, and is fluffy for a short-hair cat so she often looks bigger than she really is. Would you consider letting this beautiful cat live out her days in your home? Come down and meet Bobbi and all of her cat friends at the shelter anytime during our open hours!

Me Photo Shopped with Bobbi, thanks to Sarah The Web Girl!

Me Photo Shopped with Bobbi, thanks to Sarah The Web Girl!

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