Valentine's Gifts based on your partner's sign

Valentine's Day is a week away. This is how your sweetie would like to feel the love according to their Zodiac sign. Source "The Berry"

Aquarius-They like new things so try a new restaurant.

Pisces-They are sentimental so get them something that brings back memories of you.

Aries-They like to be in charge so check with them first. Then plan a night out somewhere exciting.

Taurus-There laid back people would probably be happy with a romantic dinner at home.

Gemini-Engage their mind with an entertaining night out.

Cancer-A hand written love letter and a picture of the two of you together because with them it's the thought that counts.

Leo-It's not about the money but they like huge gestures so whatever it is make it big.

Virgo-A genuine thoughtful gift is the way to go. They won't be happy with a cliche gift or dinner.

Libra-Plan something visually pleasing. Like an art show.

Scorpio- They are pretty frisky. So don't spend too much time having dinner.

Sagittarius-Do something new and adventurous together.

Capricorn-Show you care with concert or theater tickets.

I see some truth in these, do you? Happy Valentine's Day!



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