Grocery items most responsible for high food bills

24/7 Wall Street looked at increasing food prices over the past decade to see what kinds of foods have increased our bill at the check out the most. There's not much you can do because we still have to eat. I've always used coupons to save. If you're not doing it I can tell you first hand that they really help. They're like free money. Shopping for sales helps a lot too. I think you might be surprised by some of the items on the 24/7 Wall Street List.

1. Margarine (63 percent)

2. Ground Beef (46 percent)

3. Shelf stable fish and seafood (45 percent)

4. Rice, pasta and corn meal (40 percent)

5. Bread (38 percent)

6. Snacks (39 percent)

7. Poultry ( 37 percent)

8. Apples (36 percent)

What's left? We're told the cost of living is only going up 1 or 2 percent each year but we're getting squeezed on what we really need. Like food. We all deserve a raise! 


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