How to have the best McDonald's experience

McDonald's Insiders and expert customers recently shared these tips with The New York Post:

1. When you want a Big Mac order a McDouble with Mac sauce and lettuce instead. You'll basically be paying $1.39 for a Big Mac, minus one piece of bread.

2. Ask for fresh fries. You'll get the next batch right out of the fryer

3. Hold the pickles, onions or ketchup. You'll get a fresh made burger instead of one that's been sitting uder hot lights.

4. Ask for the "round eggs." These are poached and cooked on the spot instead of powdered and scrambled.

5. Ask for a receipt. Workers are taught that "mystery customers" ask for a receipt so they can get reimbursed for their meal. If the person behind the counter thinks you are a mystery shopper you may get a better meal.

Personally, I think "mystery" shoppers should have to actually work behind the counter for a couple of years before they get to judge. If they did, I doubt they would be so critical. 



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