Quick ways to "grand baby" proof your kitchen

It's been a long time since my kids were toddlers so my kitchen hasn't been baby- proofed in years.  After my grand daughter's most recent visit I realized it was time to baby proof again. I forgot how many things in a house a toddler can get into in a very short period of time. Starting with my kitchen cabinets. Without going over board,  I looked up a few quick things I can do before Gracie visits again and thought it would be good to share them with other grand parents who have a toddler visiting from time to time. Here's what I found on Parent.Guide, Baby Center.com and The kitchen.com

1. Remove breakables and cleaners from lower shelves.

2. Attach free standing shelves to the wall with a bracket 

3. Move small electric appliances out of reach

4. Make sure plastic bags are out of reach

5. Get a kitchen trash can with a secure lid

6. Set up an enclosed area (you can see) where baby can play while you cook 

7. Leave one cabinet available for her to explore. Fill it with safe items that will be interesting to her. 

8. Make sure you vacuum out all the little cracks and tiny spaces. Toddlers find plenty of little things they shouldn't touch or eat in them

Number 7 is my favorite because we all love to watch little ones react to new things. 


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