What to stop doing when kids get to high school

Let your teens do these things on their own if you want them to become adults sooner rather than later. 

1. Waking them up.

2. Making their breakfast and packing lunch

3. Filling out their paperwork. All you should have to do is look it over and sign.

4. Delivering their forgotten items

5. Making their failure to plan, your emergency

6. Doing their laundry

7. Meddling in their academics. You can ask to see their grades but that's all.

After raising 4 kids I agree with most of this. However, there's one thing I've also found to be true. All kids are different and simply grow up faster than others. Eventually they all do grow up and do things for themselves. Especially, when they leave for college. These are a very good starting point. Certainly worth a try. Good Luck!

 Source: Faithit.com


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